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September 2010Photoshoot with Lloyd Daniels

Having made a lasting impression with Lloyd Daniels on a one off visit in August, the X-factor finalist returned this month for a repeat appointment at the salon where we invited him to model for us in our Autumn Collection later in the month.

To view the entire Autumn Collection, and Mini Shoot with Lloyd, click here, to be directed to the Collections page.

Lloyd Daniels X Factor

Thanks to Marc Furniss at G-Star for Styling Lloyd - All clothing is available from the G-Star Store, Division Street, Sheffield.

Make up by Tina Sattarin / Photography: Michael Siggers & Dave Crapper

Hair Kandi


September 2010: Fashion at Sheffield Cathedral

After dressing hair for Hantu Collective's flash mob fashion show that took over Devonshire Street at the Tramlines festival this summer we couldn't say no when they invited us to take part in their next 'top secret' event...

Hantu presents: Fashion at the Cathedral sounded like an awesome prospect when we heard the plans, and after months of hard work from the organisers, it was nothing less than amazing.. We'd go as far as to say it was the best independent fashion event that has ever taken place in the city!

The capacity crowd were treated to 18 models wearing 5 different designers, live artists, live bands, DJ's and some outstanding break dancing at a truly magical venue. We'll let the video and images below do the talking..



Hair Kandi Hantu Collective present Fashion at Sheffield Cathedral

"Congratulations to all who were involved in the event. We at Hair Kandi are very proud to have played a tiny part in such an amazing event!"

Credits: Hantu Collective, Lois Clothing, Cherry Head, Imogens Imagination, Syd & Mallory, Soyo Live, Breakin' Convention, The Hey Sholay, GeoLaw.

Images: Mike Siggers & Anwar Suliman.

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August 2010: Thai Foot Fish Spa

A new addition to our growing list of beauty services, we now have the city centres first Thai Fish Foot Spa! The concept is pretty simple... dip your feet into our special spa and our Garra Rufa fish will nibble away the dead skin giving you silky smooth feet and toes!

The fish don't have teeth so the process is painless. They actually suck the dead skin rather than nibbling which helps with circulation making your feet feel brand new! It feels more like 'pins and needles' at first, although you get used to it very quickly.


We've all had a go in the salon and the results after just one session are noticable. Each session lasts for 15 minutes and costs £10.00.

You can book appointments or walk-in after a hard days shopping! We have two tanks so you can also share the experience with friends.

For those wanting to share the experience we can arrange parties just for the fish spa or that include the latest trend Minx Nails as shown on the flyer below.

Gift Vouchers are also available in salon!

For more info give us a call on 0114 275 24 25 or email

Hair Kandi Fish Spa Sheffield


Hair Kandi


July 2010: Hantu Flash Mob Fashion Show

We've styled hair for many a fashion show in the past, but this one was extra special! The boys at Hantu Collective approached us to create 'street friendly' hair-do's for their flash mob fashion show during the Tramlines festival weekend.

At 2pm on Tramlines Saturday a huddle of B-Boys started dancing in the middle of Devonshire Street outside the Forum. Passers-by stopped to watch the performance and a huge crowd formed in minutes. As the dancers parted, they formed a catwalk and the Hantu show commenced. Guys and Girls modelled the latest Hantu clothing range to applause from the public creating an awesome buzz in Devonshire Street.

Hantu Collective Fashion Show

Hantu Collective:

Benjamin Thapa:
Dominic Gregory:
Imogen Rowland:
Joe Hansen

Hair Kandi

5th June 2010: Hair Kandi Launch Party

So the plan was to have a quiet evening in at salon and invite family, a few friends and all the people that helped to make the salon what it is today. Buuut, we got a bit giddy with the invites, and it turned into one hell of a party!

By 8pm over 200 people had crossed the threshold of the salon to be greeted by Geo Law doodling a masterpiece on the wall behind our reception desk. On lookers sipped Agwa Mohitos, Savannah Cidar from our free bar. (Big thanks to Matty from Proof Drinks!)

Beautiful Fancie Cupakes were also on offer for those that just couldn't resist!

Next up, the hair bit! A little hair/fashion show put together by our team to demonstrate their skills. All 16 models, styled by Natasha Lyons, took to the catwalk receiving cheers and applause from our guests. Big thanks to Roc & Doll and Ideology for the threads!
After a short 'thank you, thank you' speech from yours truly we hit the dancefloor!

The soundtrack was supplied by a mixture of Sheffield DJ's. Alec Mills, Kyle Robertson, Jonny Hawkins and the legendary Jonny Matthewson - Thanks to you all, but especially to Jonny M for dropping 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air', it was sureal watching everyone mime the lyrics!

Thanks to all that came down and celebrated with us! Due to demand, we will be back with another party very soon. We just need to find another excuse! ;)

Hair Kandi

Thanks to Joe from for the pics! For more pics, check out the July edition of Exposed Magazine.

Hantu Collective feature Hair Kandi Launch Party: feature Hair Kandi Launch Party:

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May 2010: Hair Kandi wall art by GeoLaw

We've been a massive fan of Geo's work since he sprung onto the scene doing 'live art' at Tramlines festival in 2009, so when we designed the salon we purposefully left blank walls and spaces with the intention of commissioning the man himself to add the finishing touches.

In our hair washing area, where we project movies and cartoons onto the wall, he created a huge picture frame around the screen with feature characters waxing and cutting hair.

The second piece, our favourite, was drawn 'live' in front of an audience on the wall behind our reception desk at our launch party on Sat 5th June. We had a sneaky suspicion he was a little nervous, but he absolutely killed it, entertaining the crowd, and leaving us with a life size doodle that we just can't stop looking at!

Geo, If you're reading this, thanks for adding life to our walls! You are a gent, and a true friend of Hair Kandi :)

Hair Kandi

For more eye candy from Geo, check out... - Add it to your favourites! - Geo's design's on their T-Shirts! - Buy Hantu Collective Stuff!


Sep 2010: X-Factors - Lloyd Daniels

Sep 2010: Fashion at the Cathedral

Aug 2010: Thai Foot Fish Spa

July 2010: Hantu Fashion Show

June 2010: Hair Kandi Launch Party

May 2010: Wall Art by Geo Law


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